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OpenFlow Supports IPv6 Flows

Initially, OpenFlow did not have any definition for handling IPv6 communications. Now, newer OpenFlow versions have IPv6 capabilities and more vendors are deploying products that use the newer OpenFlow versions.


If packet sniffing won't work in SDN, then what?

Why Wireshark and other packet-sniffing tools aren’t ready for virtualized Layer 4-7 networks, but monitoring application server NICs could be the answer.


IPv6: An answer to network vulnerabilities?

On Aug. 15, 2012, in one of the most devastating cyberattacks ever recorded, politically motivated hackers wiped the memory of more than 30,000 computers operated by the Saudi Aramco oil company in an attempt to stop the flow of oil and gas to local and international markets.


Addressing 100G Network Visibility and Monitoring Challenges

Recent announcement on the availability of its 100G accelerator addressed industry concerns for managing high-traffic networks in an increasingly mobile world. When combined with its end-to-end Napatech Software Suite, the company significantly addresses the complexity of managing multiple accelerators with one "single pane of glass" view.


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SVoIP and VoSIP: What's the Difference?

VoIP’s wireless connectivity capabilities mean that voice signals can be transmitted over networks without the expensive costs of cabling, allowing businesses and residences to communicate at a significant cost savings. The final consideration begs the question of whether VoSIP or SVoIP is more secure in transmitting voice communications.


Cisco revamps CCNP for IoT, other market transitions

There’s no company in technology that’s taken advantage of market transitions more often than Cisco. In almost every presentation that CEO John Chambers gives, he opines about how catching market transitions at the right time has been the primary vehicle for Cisco’s growth over the past few decades.


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SDN evangelists talking about centralized traffic engineering flow steering or bandwidth calendaring sometimes tend to gloss over the first rule of successful traffic engineering: Know Thy Traffic.


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