Earlier this year we conducted a survey and asked you what it’s like managing DHCP, DNS, and IP addresses. We received over 200 responses from the thwack community.  Among the many findings, we observed that on average you’re spending about 40 hrs. each month using rudimentary tools to manage roughly 2,000 IPs.


Let’s put this into perspective. The largest hospital in the US has beds to accommodate 2,272 patients. Does it seem rational that a hospital should use something as rudimentary as a spreadsheet to track its patients?  Imagine the many details—name, room, physician, illness, etc. Of course not, it’s unthinkable! The chaos resulting from this could be easily avoided. Well, why do we manage thousands of IP addresses and details with something as limited as a spreadsheet? 


Coming back to our survey, our respondents told us they spend most of their time managing DHCP and DNS configurations, troubleshooting IP-related problems, and maintaining documentation of IP addresses. Not surprisingly, they said they wanted these tasks to be less complex. This is where SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) can help because it’s designed to let you easily manage DHCP, DNS, and IP subnets and addresses by offering three primary functions:


Manage IP Address Blocks

IP address management begins with knowing what address blocks and addresses are available to use. SolarWinds IPAM makes this effortless by automatically discovering your subnets. SolarWinds IPAM will then look within each subnet to identify what IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are in use. It’s all automatic and very accurate. No more spreadsheets to maintain! With an accurate inventory, it’s now trivial to find open addresses or reclaim unused addresses. Say goodbye to IP conflicts or perpetually low address pools.


Manage DHCP and DNS

SolarWinds IPAM overlays your existing Microsoft, Cisco, and Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) DHCP and DNS servers and presents you with one consistent management interface. Plus, SolarWinds IPAM integrates many DHCP, DNS and IP address management tasks together. Now it’s trivial to find and assign a new server a reserved DHCP IP address and create the necessary DNS host records. Additionally, you have maximum flexibility to add, remove, replace or even consolidate DHCP and DNS services with minimal disruption and re-training. 


Monitoring and Troubleshooting

SolarWinds IPAM actively monitors critical IP resources and events so you don’t have to and only alerts you when potential problems occur. SolarWinds IPAM provides a customizable dashboard that summarizes information like IP conflicts, high utilization subnets and scopes, mismatched DNS entries, or other DHCP, DNS and IP configuration changes that occur. It's a great way to view your most significant static and dynamic subnets at a glance.  Plus SolarWinds IPAM helps troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly. 



Not surprisingly, our survey takers reported that a DDI solution is essential because it helps increase mean time between failures (MTTF) and improves mean time to recovery (MTTR). Purpose-built tools like SolarWinds IPAM can help you reduce the time and complexity required to manage DHCP, DNS and IP addresses.

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