A help desk is generally used as a management tool that simplifies ticketing management activities for IT teams—allowing IT technicians to automate workflows and save time on manual and repetitive tasks. Acting as a centralized dashboard and management console, a help desk can simplify various ITSM tasks including IT asset management, change and knowledge management. While this is all truly beneficial from a management standpoint, a help desk can also serve as a platform to support troubleshooting of servers and computer assets in your IT infrastructure.


What if you can initiate remote desktop session to connect to your end-user’s computer from the help desk interface?


Yes, it is possible. Consider this scenario: an employee using a Windows® computer creates a trouble ticket because his workstation is facing some memory issue. And you, being in the IT team, log the ticket in your help desk system. Now, you have a 2-step procedure. First, you must assign the ticket to the technician who will perform the troubleshooting. Secondly, the technician will have to resolve the issue – either remotely, or by visiting the end-user’s desk in-person and fixing the computer.


Help desk integration with remote support software simplifies this process and allows IT admins to initiate remote session of the computer directly from the help desk IT asset inventory. This saves a ton of time as you already have the ticket details in the help desk, and now you have a handy utility to connect to the remote computer to address the issue immediately. Of course, you can use a remote support software to troubleshoot the computer without having to do anything with the help desk. But IT teams, facing staffing and time constraints, and having a lean IT staff wearing multiple hats, can tighten their support process by combining the power of both the help desk and the remote support tool and making remote desktop connectivity just a click away from the help desk console.


SolarWinds® introduces Help Desk Essentials, a powerful combo of Web Help Desk® and DameWare® Remote Support software, which allows you to initiate remote control session from Web Help Desk asset inventory.

  • Discover computer assets with Web Help Desk
  • Associate computer assets to problem tickets (This will help to track the history of service requests for each IT asset.)
  • Assign technician to the ticket with Web Help Desk’s routing automation
  • Technician can open the IT asset inventory in Web Help Desk, click on the remote control button near asset entry, and commence a remote session via DameWare Remote Support
  • Using DameWare Remote Support, technician can remotely monitor system performance, view event logs, check network connections, and start/stop processes and services, and more.

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Check out this video on Help Desk Essentials – peanut butter and jelly for IT pros.



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