If you have not picked up on this yet, my topics of conversation in my last couple of posts have been about the expectations of user device tracking.  Based on the comments I believe it is safe to assume that you, the readers, work in I.T. and are responsible in one way or another for the tracking of the corporate assets and any device that connects to the corporate infrastructure with tools like SolarWinds User Device Tracker software. The reason I am pointing this out is to highlight the type of I.T. professionals that make up who this audience is.  The audiences that help to mold and shape the policies and implement the tools needed to enforce the policies. When you say it that way it almost sounds like you’re talking about the law makers in the government, but I digress.


From the administrative point of view in the comments, I believe we all seem to have basically the same expectations of what kind of tracking should be in place and why.  In my next post I presented the same concept by focusing on the latest trend in I.T. We have moved on from bring your child to work to bring your own device to work.  The comments were clearly not in unison, as was more of the case for tracking corporate devices. I was actually hoping for this to be the case as I get into what I really want to have a conversation about today.


Now I get to present this thought to the people that are part of the I.T. tracking administrative teams themselves.  Have you ever thought about the tracking that is going on that we don’t know about? For me, the NSA is the first to come to mind.  We have all heard stories about what they had in capabilities, and it really woke us up to a nightmare that Snowden spilled the beans on those capabilities. No, that would be just way too easy and way too obvious. When I am out with the family, either around town or on a trip, there are four words that I know are coming and have to make you think what "free" really is. Those four words are “Hey look, free Wi-Fi!" I guess "free" means the "price" is that we can then be tracked through a store or at an airport, and that is just a couple examples.


How many of you live or work in a city where they have the automated toll passes?  You know, the ones that are attached to the car and automatically pay the tolls when we go through.  Notice how the government added all those high speed toll pass lane and maybe one or possible two cash lanes? If you are going to use those roads it just make sense in time and sanity to utilize the automated system, right? Next time you’re riding around town as the passenger, take a good look around and you will find will these devices that trigger a signal from the toll pass device all over town. Maybe they government just wants to monitor the traffic flow, or maybe it is something more.


How many of us have membership cards for different stores to get better shopping deals from the store? If you are like me you might use a couple for your grocery shopping, or the pharmacy, the list is endless and now the store has our shopping habits available to the highest bidder.  The latest trend of the twenty first century is how we were so willing to give up privacy for convenience.  I bet we are all guilty in one way or another. As you think of more, please post then in the comments.


So what do you, the admin, think of you becoming the end user?  Does your perspective change at all when you become the device that is tracked? That is one question that I would really like to read your response to. What hidden devices and perspective do you have to share?