Stop the finger pointing with NEW Deep Packet Inspection & Analysis

We know you've been there.  The network is always the first to be blamed when application performance is poor.  Then the finger pointing begins.  It's the network!  No, it's the application!..Now you can tell if application performance problems are the result of the network of the application with Network Performance Monitor version 11's deep packet inspection and analysis


By analyzing packet traffic captured by network or server packet analysis sensors, NPM's new Quality of Experience dashboard analyzes and aggregates the information in a easy-to-read dashboard.

These statistics make it easy to tell at a glance not only if you have a user experience issue, but whether the issue is a problem with the network or the application.  In addition to response time statistics, we are capturing aggregate volume metrics, and have the ability to classify application traffic on your network by risk-level and relation to typical business functions.


QoE_Dashboard (1).png


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For customers under active maintenance, NPM 11 may be found in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.

You can learn more about NPM 11 and deep packet inspection and analysis here.

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