Mobile computing is pervasive, with more and more work done on mobile devices.  Folks may access your website through a mobile browser or native mobile application, does this change the entire web performance monitoring stack or can we use the same applications to monitor mobile and web apps?


There seems to be a lot of discussion around mobile application performance monitoring, which provides an end-to-end stack visibility, all the way from the device to the back-end services and infrastructure, and real-time visibility into end user experience.  With a large variety of devices in the wild, how do you measure end user experience and ensure that your mobile services are working well vs your website.  The metrics that you report on will be different vs standard website performance motioning. In fact, you get more insights into how users use your web services being able to track deeper into the user experience on mobile.


Mobile applications at times offer more complexity, since your dealing with different devices, software versions, network converge and latency.  Its imperative you have insight into how these areas are performing in addition to your website.   Incorporating crash reporting into your mobile devices provides you with an additional level of intelligence, that you likely wont get from your website alone.


Some folks see mobile application monitoring as another level up the stack, but I see it as on par with web application monitoring, in terms of getting metrics on user experience.  I also believe that mobile application performance monitoring is a set of tools used in addition to your web performance monitoring, but in some cases may be the same product.


Are you measuring end-user experience on mobile devices?


Do you feel mobile application performance monitoring is a different discipline than web performance monitoring?


Do you correlate issues between your mobile web applications and your website?


Are you transitioning more of your web applications to mobile and how are you monitoring their performance?


Do you feel mobile application performance monitoring is a new area of growth or just a fad?