Here's the deal. I have a Windows 7 laptop. Updates are pending, they get installed, machine reboots, updates fail. Rinse, repeat daily. Every day I go through this and I'm LOSING MY MIND! The updates keep accumulating and nothing ever gets installed. I just get failure, after failure, after failure! @#$%^ Microsoft!


Here's what I have done so far:

  • Reboot - nothin
  • System restore - nothin
  • Download each update individually - still fails
  • MS Fix It tool - didn't help
  • A/V off
  • Admin rights
  • Uninstall previous updates - still nothing
  • Clear all the logs and .dat files - nothing helped
  • No viruses or any other bad thingys. All clear.
    • Will attempt to uninstall the Windows Update Service - that might help, but I doubt it.
    • My last resort is the battery re-seating, which actually WORKED in the following scenario: Troubleshooting. (The Hard Way.)


Anyone have any other ideas other than a formatting? I'm losing it here. Coming close to "Naked Bronx in a clock tower" moment. Thanks.