The last couple of weeks I've been the storage ambassador for the thwack community. I've really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you guys and reading all of your comments. I noticed that the thwack community is great and there is a lot of knowledge floating around, that needs to be shared.


In the ever changing world of IT, storage is a component that really matters. In a Software Defined world where every cloud does things as a service Storage is one of the keystones. Laying the foundation is done by choosing the materials and plotting the right sizes. I've seen a lot of companies struggle with their infrastructures because they didn't lay the right foundation.


It's not really where I wanted to go. As said, I really liked the interaction in the Thwack community. And it made me wonder what you guys think of it, and where you see room for improvement.


What are the questions you need answers on?


What would you want to hear more about?


What resources do you use?


There is so much we can help each other with, and I know you guys and girls rock, but let's keep helping each other! I for one are more then willing to answer the questions you have, and I'm eager to hear what you are using, reading and working on?


See you in the comments! And keep on rocking!