With a lot of customers running their infrastructure almost a 100% virtualized these days, I see more and more people moving away from array-based replication to application-based (or hypervisor-based) replication, with Zerto ZVM, VMware vSphere replication, Veeam Replication, PHD virtual ReliableDR and Hyper-converged vendors offering their own replication methods the once so mighty array-based replication feature, seems beaten by application-based replication.


Last week I went to a customer where Storage-based replication was the only replication type used, but their architects were changing the game in the virtual environment and application-based replication was the road they wanted to ride... Where virtualization administrators and most of the administrators saw a lot potential in application-based replication the storage administrators and a some of the other administrators were more convinced of what storage-based replication offered them for all these years


What about you?Do you prefer storage-level replication? or is application/hypervisor level replication the way to go?