It's Good Friday here in the US and many companies are on holiday today. Some will have Easter Monday as a day off instead. I suspect much of the working world is enjoying at least a three day weekend.


And that got me thinking about how we should all have longer weekends.


I'm not suggesting that we only work four days a week (but if my bosses think that's a great idea, then I'll take credit for it). No, what I am thinking about is how often my life has been interrupted during a weekend by someone needing help. As a production DBA for 7+ years, with 5 of those years as the team lead, I lost many, many hours on weekends due to "emergencies" that were anything but. It wore me down, and wore me out.


So that's going to be my number one goal here at Solarwinds, to give customers longer weekends. Every thing I do here at Solarwinds will be with that one purpose in mind.


I want our customers to have what I didn't: the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time with their families when they are away from the office.


Enjoy the long weekend!