It's amazing,

I used to think, my network was running pretty well, a few hiccups now and then, but by and large, I got by and thought everything was business as usual, the boss would ask me: "Craig how is the network today?" and I would say "it's fine boss". Flash ahead to fiscal year's end, and there is some money left in the budget and I am given fifteen minutes to decide what tools to buy otherwise the money doesn't get spent. Most people wouldn't be prepared for this, but I was ready. I pulled out my wish list and said I want SolarWinds Orion NPM. After a few frantic calls to the vendor of choice, it was all set. I'm thinking, this is great that I got this, but I probably won't use it that much, because we have no problems.. and it's going to take forever to install, and the learning curve will be immense. In reality, the software was really easy and intuitive to install; point here, click here, answer a few questions and it was done.But, why was there so much red everywhere? This must be a software bug, because my network has no problems..  I spent the rest of the day tweaking and twiddling about, and I have to say, it was like turning the light on in a dark room. I was able to solve a lot of long standing problems, some of them that I didn't even know I had.


There was the switch with a bad blade that always had problems intermittently, but never failed, so no alarm was tripped. After being alerted to this, I had the blade replaced and things began to run clean. Sometimes the network was slow but I never could attribute it to any single cause, it usually coincided with a home game at the local ballpark. Turns out a lot of non-work related web streaming was going on, and some other folks were enjoying Netflix.

There was the router that went down even though it had redundant power supplies, but no one ever saw when the first one went down, but people sure noticed went the second one failed.. I setup an alert to monitor this and several other things. The major cost of IT where I work is no so much the hardware or software, it's the cost of actually scheduling time with union, paying for the lift truck, just the logistics were mind boggling and intensive and nobody wanted downtime. I am now able to easily automate and monitor my network, and do a lot more proactive monitoring and forecasting. I am just as busy as I was before, the difference is now I have a better view of what is going on with the network and I can act proactively instead of reactively. I have a lot less stress. I have lost fifty pounds and I have a corner office.. lol.. just kidding.. but I do get to sleep through the weekends without the pager going off at 3am and I still go to the same amount of meetings, but now they are more about future planning instead of postmortems.


What about you guys? Can anyone share a general process of things you might monitor and proactively forecast? Any tips and tricks pertaining to procedure are greatly appreciated!

I am now a believer in network performance management. It has really paid for itself many times over.