‘Tis the season of madness – March Madness! It goes without saying that all of us (the basketball fans of course) are wired into the games, watching matches, following scores, rambling on at length, blogging, Twittering and whatnot. That’s totally alright. Every fan would love to get caught up with the heat and show some NCAA love. But what happens when your employees and network users start streaming the games online in the office consuming corporate bandwidth? And this is when madness becomes insanity for the network admins.


  • More user complaints about network not being available or being awfully slow
  • Latency and network traffic delay
  • Adverse impact on network traffic quality levels
  • You just don’t have any clue whether to just disable the Internet for all users (height of frustration), or just buy more bandwidth (height of desperation)


Bottom line: Mission-critical network users and apps affected due to increased network bandwidth utilization by online streamers and video watchers.


So, what is left for the helpless network admin to do? Cry for help, or implement proper bandwidth monitoring utilities to track when, where and by whom bandwidth is being consumed for non-official purposes?


Instead of pulling the plug on the Internet, or shelling your IT budget to buy more bandwidth, you should be able to optimize network bandwidth usage by pinpointing incidents of bandwidth spikes and administering necessary measures to prevent network policy offenders from hogging your precious bandwidth for online video streaming – during March Madness or whenever.


We still have a couple of weeks to go with the games, and March Madness is truly a great time for all of us fans. But that doesn’t mean network teams should be battling for bandwidth and risking network performance issues. Proactively monitor bandwidth utilization and traffic quality levels, and slam-dunk those bandwidth bottlenecks!


Check out this cool infographic from our creative team about bandwidth risk assessment during March Madness!

NTA - March Madness.jpg