We just couldn’t help ourselves. Reaction has been so good and we are just a weekend away from this year’s SolarWinds Bracket Battle 2: Gamer Edition… Before we “Falcon Punch!” this competition into high gear, let’s just review the gameplay today!


We’ve put our quarter down to get dibs on next, and we have enough batteries to keep these controllers running for months.  We’ve blown on our cartridges and bumped up our bandwidth…  We are ready to go.


We have selected 33 video games from across platforms and genres to battle it out head to head for supremacy. Each pairing has been debated and set -- over Mountain Dew and Cheetos -- and is based on some shared theme or principle (and, it is not always the most obvious basis of comparison).



  • For each combatant, we offer links to the best Wikipedia reference page by clicking on the NAME link in bracket
  • A breakdown of each match-up is available by clicking on the VOTE link.
  • Anyone can view the bracket and the match-up descriptions, but to comment and VOTE you must be a thwack member (and logged IN).



  • Again, you have to be logged in to vote and debate…
  • You may only vote ONCE for each match up
  • Once you vote on a match, click the link to return to the bracket and vote on the next match up in the series.
  • Each vote gets you 50 thwack points!  So, over the course of the entire battle you have the opportunity to rack up 1550 points. Not too shabby…



  • Please feel free to campaign for your favorites and debate the merits of our match ups to your hearts content in the comments section and via twitter/Facebook/Google + etc. etc. etc.
  • We even have hashtags… #swibacketbattle and #levelup… to make it a little bit easier.
  • There will be a PDF version of the bracket available to facilitate debate with your office mates or WoW Raid.
  • And, if you want to post pics of your bracket predictions, we would love to see them on our Facebook page!




  • Bracket Release and Prequel Battle OPENS March 24 at MIDNIGHT
  • 8-bit Battles OPEN March 26
  • 16-bit Battles OPEN March 31
  • 32-bit Battles OPEN April 3
  • 64-bit Battles OPEN April 7
  • Game Over Battle opens April 10
  • Champion of the Arcade will be announced on April 14


If you have other questions… feel free to drop them below and we will get right back with you!


Otherwise, keep your eyes on this space.  And, here is the link to the Bracket!  FINALLY...


Ready Player One!