UPDATE: The Gameplay Rules Post is now UP!

UPDATE v2: Here is the BRACKET!  Go vote!


The time has come for SolarWinds’ second annual, old-fashioned (hypothetical) grudge match.  Last year, Spock triumphed over a handpicked stable of Sci-Fi icons. This year, we’re ready to flaunt our gaming knowledge!


Welcome one and all to the…


SolarWinds Bracket Battle 2 – Gamer Edition!

On March 24th, here at thwack.com, we are once again going to let our community decide who shall stand victorious and whose plug should be pulled and relegated to the stack of cartridges in the closet. The bracket-based, “March Mayhem”-style competition will feature 33 video game titans from various platforms (PC, arcade, consoles of all sorts) and genres (fantasy, first-person shooter, MMOG… the list goes on) battling it out for the last level. Like games are matched against each other in the first round, but then mayhem will ensue as we vote to determine each round’s winner and allow the bracket to develop over the two weeks. No joystick is required to guide your favorites to escape the ultimate “game over.” So, gamers… start mobilizing troops and conjuring up Intimidating Shouts to ensure that the game that engulfs your nights and weekends is crowned champion.


Do NOT miss the chance to decide …


Do you want Tommy Vercetti by your side?

Can the Umbrella Corporation survive in Rapture?

Which Princess is worth saving?


The official bracket and rules of engagement will be released on March 24, 2014 including the “play-in” match up.


Trust us, you do not want to Leeroy Jenkins this… March 24 release date people, get in line now and start sharing the news with #swibracketbattle #levelup .