Last week I was asked about offline VDI.  I was taken back a bit because that hasn’t come in a really long time. My opinion has always been that if you didn’t have the Internet or a link to the database that installing the application locally wasn’t really going to do anything for you. Maybe I am just taking for granted that everyone has some form of high speed available today and if you don’t you’re in a place where you don’t want to be bugged anyways. The classic is, “what happens when I am traveling on the plane?”  Open Microsoft Office like the rest of us or watch a movie


Joking aside we’ve become really dependent on the network for work and delivering support.  Myself personally wouldn’t devote a lot of effort with unconnected users.  Maybe I am living off in Never Never land but I think too much time is wasted for the last 20% of use cases.  I would focus on getting my remote users the tools need to ensure the network was rock solid or at least they could connect easily.


For road warriors or the office user I really like RAP-3’s from Aruba. I was just leaving a place as their where getting implemented.  The fact that they can setup the VPN I thought was great. Standard enterprise tools could then used for supporting the users. The best part was not worrying about a flaky wireless connection at the other end. With the RAPs you could use 3G/4G to get them to connect to the Internet and all done.  I know Meraki has something similar but I don’t have any experience with them.



What tools do you provide for your remote users? Just VPN, VDI, nothing? Do people still have to worry about unconnected users?