This topic doesn't fall into the realm of geeky networking but it can be used to simplify your work life and ultimately simplify the management and day to day operations of your team.

I am a firm believer that individuals grow stronger and more knowledgeable as a team than on their own. Sure there is a fair amount that has to be done on your own but having a teammate or group to push you helps a ton.

From a business stand point you wouldn't want critical services and applications to have a single point of failure. So why would you want to have a single source of knowledge on your team? So if most companies out there struggle with just getting a single experienced and knowledgeable person in vacant positions how are they going to have multiple people on a team share that load? To me its all about building up everyone on the team. You don’t have to rely on hiring from outside if you have been ramping up entry-level and Jr admins from within.

For me I try and approach my job and projects with the mindset that I will not be around in three to six months. This mindset forces me to document as much as possible and work with those around me to get up to speed for when they have to take over my responsibilities.

Spending your time with knowledge transfer and helping others grow also has benefits for yourself. If you’re the only one who knows how to do your job then taking vacation is always painful or non-existent. Also if there is no one else around to take over your role how are you going to be able to set it aside and take on that big project that you want. Even better how will you get promoted if you cant be replaced?

So how do you guys approach this and how do you build your teams knowledge?

How do you approach documentation of knowledge? ( ex. Wiki, SharePoint, internal blog)

What is your stance on certifications?

What type of mentorship and training does your team have in place?