Privacy issues\regulations are the worst that has happened to corporate IT. This my be a Canadian thing or related to working with unionized employees but those are two issues that have shaped my opinion anyways. Not sure how it affects other geo’s around the world but it seems like we have bent of backwards for the employee to the point of craziness.


I’ve always been more about getting the job done and worrying too much about privacy in the workplace. I am of the opinion if you don’t want people knowing what your doing, don’t do it at the work place.  I’ve used at least three pieces of software that required permission from the user before starting a remote control session. Most times it ended up in my using the local administrative account to bypass it. After 3 or 4 times of missing the user at their desk or the person that needs helps needs  go on “break “you just want to get the work done and move on.


From a virtual desktop perspective, I would always make sure I could use the vSphere console to mirror a remote session. By default if you’re using PCoIP the vSphere console would be black and then required some more hoops to be jumped through before you could help the user. To switch the behavior you could switch the registry key.


HKLM\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware SVGA DevTap\NoBlankOnAttach : DWORD: 1


Never had to deal with too many corporate polices with privacy but do know lots of people with a sense of entitlement. The reality is the employer has a right to track anything you do with a corporate device.


Has privacy gotten in your way? Is privacy really strong in your workplace?