This has been a great experience to share information with all of the great Thwack community members and I've gained good insight into how folks are doing monitoring, notification and dealing with some of the day-to-day operational issues around server management.


What I am curious about is how much of your process for monitoring and management is wrapped into your orchestration platform or your server build process. Even more so, I would love to hear about how others have integrated operational processes like setting up backups, monitoring, patch management and other core management systems into the build process.


I'd love to hear about any or all of these:


  • What is your server build process? (Orchestrated, Image based, Manual)?
  • If you orchestrate, what platform(s) do you use? (Puppet, Chef, vCO, vCAC, SCCM/SCO, or others)?
  • Which steps have you been able to successfully automate (e.g. add to monitoring system, add to patch management)?
  • Do you have a decommission process that includes automation?


In my current organization we have a mixed bag of platforms, and I do as much as I can to leverage my SolarWinds monitoring, SCCM, vCO and Active Directory GPO to create clean, stateful build processes. It is a constant challenge to get folks to understand the importance of it, and I hope to see how you've had successes and challenges doing the same.