You have the power right at your fingertips.


With access to the right data your fingers can make positive changes for your organization. Chances are high that if you manage databases, servers, and other IT services you have access to the data you need to make things better for you, your company, and your customers.


I talk with many people who believe they have no influence in their organization. They stare at grey and dreary cubicle walls. Endless meetings. Missed deadlines. And worst of all they have lousy, weak, corporate coffee.  They feel as if nothing they do matters.


But that’s not true. Every role has value. Good ideas can, and do, come from anywhere and anyone. The power to make these good ideas become real is DATA. And where does good data come from? From GOOD QUESTIONS.  Good questions require GOOD ANSWERS, and that comes from GOOD DATA.


Are you getting what you need?


When you ask for more of something from management, but management doesn't bite, do you know one reason why? Because you didn't bring the RIGHT DATA to back up your requests.


Requests like these:

• We need more people

• We need to “find a new home” for Steven and Brian

• We need more training / team members need more training

• We need to be involved earlier in development projects

• We need to consolidate / need more hardware / new software

• We need to virtualize

• We need to standardize more / less

• We need stronger control / more flexibility


What data would you want to see if you were the pointy-haired boss and got these requests? If you have tried to use data previously, did it work? If not, do you know why?  Update: Post your questions to the next post in this series.


All great questions, and all the more reason why data is the most important asset we have.


If you are feeling stuck in your cube, a gold mine is only a few mouse clicks can transform your role at work or in your life.