SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) v5.7 provides the following usability and performance enhancements:

  • nDepth Scheduled Searches
    • Schedule nDepth searches to run automatically once or on a recurring basis
    • Scheduled Searches can also be shared between users
    • Email search results as a CSV attachment, or generate an event notifying you of search completion
    • Agents are using Java 7 in this release
  • Agent Node License Recycling - Each time a VM desktop is created, an agent connects to LEM and a license is used. This continues to happen as desktops are created and destroyed, eventually causing all licenses to be used. License recycling allows you to collect and reuse licenses from nodes that have not sent an event to the LEM manager within a specified amount of time
      • Define a schedule to automatically recover unused agent licenses
      • Specify a virtual desktop and workstation devices where licenses can be recovered
  • Scalability Enhancements
    • Improved rules engine and appliance-side processing
  • FIPS Self-Certification
  • Additional Improvements
    • Create User-Defined Groups more easily with the new CSV import
    • Deploy LEM to Hyper-V® on Windows 2012 R2
    • New connectors for NetApp®, IBM®, Brocade, and more


For more information on using LEM, please visit the following fount of information on all that is LEM Log & Event Manager