We heard you wanted more deep dive, technical training on your SolarWinds products, and we listened! We're pleased to announce the brand-spanking new Customer Training Program for current (in maintenance customers). This is a totally free program that we are delivering as part of your maintenance (who else does that?!). Even though our products are very easy to use, we want to ensure every customer gets the most out your products. Initially launching with four NPM classes, we're planning to grow this program substantially in 2014 to offer more topics on more products very soon.


All classes consist of both lab and lecture - so the lessons are very applicable and transferable to what you're doing on a day to day basis. Classes are hosted by a professional trainer and class sizes are limited to ensure a quality learning experience.


To sign up for a class, you must be current on maintenance for at least one product - but it doesn't have to be the product you're taking the class on. So, (for example) feel free to sign up for an NPM class if you are a Toolset customer interested in learning more about NPM.


Where to Sign Up


You can sign up in the Customer Portal.




Current Classes


Currently, we have four NPM classes offered at various times on various dates. If the class you want is full, feel free to write us at CustomerVoice@solarwinds.com and we'll let you know as soon as we add new classes to the schedule.


SolarWinds NPM 201: Advanced Monitoring – Universal Device Poller, SNMP traps, Syslog Viewer

NPM 201 digs into some of the more advanced monitoring mechanisms available. We’ll get away from the “out-of-the-box” object configs and default monitoring settings to create a customized monitoring environment. If you have a good understanding of MIBs, OIDs, and SNMP (or would like to), this is probably the class for you.


SolarWinds NPM 202: Performance Tuning –Tuning, Remote Pollers, License Management

NPM 202 focuses on maximizing performance. This means tuning your equipment to optimize its capabilities, tuning your polling intervals to capture the data you need without bogging down the database with less critical data, and adding additional pollers for load balancing and better network visibility.  This class is great if your NPM could use a tuneup, or if you are considering expanding your deployment with additional licenses, polling engines, or web servers.


Solarwinds NPM 101: Getting Started – Maps, Users, Custom Views

NPM 101 will take a user from the initial install through customization and daily use. We cover the Orion core platform (getting used to NPM’s web interface), network discovery and adding devices, creating maps, adding users, and creating custom views.


Solarwinds NPM 102: Digging In – Advanced Alerts, Reporting, and More

NPM 102 dives into advanced alerts and reporting. We cover creating and managing custom alerts, alert suppression, device dependencies, and custom properties. We create and automate reports, and also show how to integrate those reports into custom views for easy, real-time access.


Comments by Training Participants

“This class was definitely worth my time. It provided me with lots of information and tactics to better manage my network. I look forward to the evolution of this training program because my job is always changing and I want to stay up-to-date with how SolarWinds NPM can help me with my network.”

Corinne Johnson



“The training program has definitely been worth my time. It has provided me with in-depth product information and tactics to help me monitor my network. I am looking forward to taking more classes from SolarWinds and exploring other products. My job is continually evolving and this new training program that SolarWinds has put together is helping me to maintain a competitive edge.”

Will Luther




We're ramping up this program, so watch this blog and the training page in the portal for more classes, on more products, at more times all throughout 2014 and beyond. And as always, let us know your requests at CustomerVoice@solarwinds.com.


Don't Forget About Customer-Only Trials!


And... don't forget about the benefits of downloading customer trials from the customer portal. You have access to every SolarWinds product with a streamlined evaluation experience including:


  • No need to fill out a registration form.
  • The download will not trigger emails about other products or offers.
  • Unless you reach out us, we will only contact you at the beginning and midway through your trial.
  • If you have questions or need assistance with your evaluation contact customersales@solarwinds.com.