How to Migrate Kiwi CatTools to Another Computer Along with Activities & Devices

1. From Start > All Programs > Solarwinds CatTools > click CatTools

2. Now, go to File > Database > Export and export the devices and activities using the options highlighted in the screen shown below:

3.Save the exported files, which are in '.kbd' format.

4. Save the 'Variations' folder from:<directory>\CatTools\

5. If you are using CatTools 3.9 or higher, deactivate the current license, using Licence Manager, which can be downloaded from here.

6. Install CatTools on the new system and license it.

7. Copy the following from the old system to the new system:

  • exported .'kbd' files &
  • 'Variations' folder

8. Open the Activities file and ensure that all paths are valid. For e.g., if CatTools was previously installed to c:\program files\ and is now installed to c:\program files (x86)\, you will need to reflect this within the INI file.

9. Open the CatTools Manager > File > Import > import the two '.kbd' files.

10. Copy the 'Variations' folder to the new CatTools installation directory.

11. Restart the CatTools service.

For more information about CatTools visit: Configuration Management and Network Automation | Kiwi CatTools