Today is the last day of that annual ritual celebration of all things technological we know simply as CES. Thanks to CES, we can all be supremely disappointed in the otherwise simply amazing capabilities of the gadgets we all got just last month. You may even be reading this post on a device that was a star of a past CES. Ain't tech grand?


So, What Was at CES 2014?


As your humble docs writer for SolarWinds NPM, among other things, attending CES is not remotely related to my listed job requirements. As a SolarWinds geek, though, I do have a keen personal interest in the latest whiz-bangery showing up out in Vegas.


And a lot of whiz-bangery there is: 4K HDTV, 3D printers, 2-way hybrid "laptabs", and 1TB wireless hard drives. It's all stuff we should expect to see on our networks or in our homes soon. Thankfully, Network World has the rundown for those of you who, like me, weren't able to make it. I'm not sure I need a Bluetooth-connected toothbrush, but the personal hydrogen reactor and the robot drones look like a lot of fun. Of course, wearable tech was the thing this year, so I expect to be ordering my very own Dick Tracy watch in the very near future.


For those of you who were able to make it, what have you seen that the rest of us network-oriented geeks would find fascinating?