For those of you that are in the IT administration and support job – help desk technicians or just any IT admin providing IT support to end-users – one of the things you would have looked out for throughout your career is a more easy means of providing support. Yes, help desk makes this process easier and more organized. But what about the real act of rendering remote support? Certainly RDP, VNC, et al. are making your end-user desktop remote controlling process simpler, but just know this: it can be way more easy and cool if you get hold of some cool screen sharing functionality in your remote control tool. So, what are these useful features?

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Chat with Your End-users during Remote Session

When you are providing remote IT support, you may have faced this many times: you have to communicate something to your end-user, and he needs to say something back to you, and you end up looking up his extension from the AD, and then calling him. Even if you did try pinging him via your organizational instant messenger, you would have to keep switching your screen from the chat window to the remote control window frequently. The last thing you want to do and slow down the remote support process further is communicate via email.


Remote control tools that provide built-in chat functionality to communicate with your remote users allow you to speed up the troubleshooting or support process saving your time and making two-way communication more effective.


Take Screenshots of Remote Desktop during Screen Sharing Session

It’s not very uncommon that you may face a specific issue in your remote user’s system and would want to take the screenshot of the issue as it happens – either you want it for further research, or just for documentation purpose, or recreate a specific scenario. Yes, you can use a snipping tool available on your machine, but it’ll get more complicated when you’ll have multiple remote user windows open and would want to take screenshots. Look for remote control tools that offer built-in functionality to take screenshots of your remote desktop any time during the remote session.


Transfer Files during Remote Desktop Session

Transferring files during an actual remote desktop sharing session is a real boon to IT admins. There are times when we have to install some batch files or any updates to the remote system. Email or folder sharing over LAN is definitely an option, but remote control tools offering built-in file transfer functionality where you can mutually share files with your remote users just with a simple drag-and-drop command will certainly make your remote support process easier and more efficient.


Remote Control Computers from Mobile

It’s hard to find IT admins as sedentary workers through the day. They keep moving around between end-user workstations, NOC, data center, etc. Wherever they are, if there’s an IT problem to troubleshoot on a remote computer, they should be able to do it. Remote control tools that allows establishing remote connections from mobile interface will be most useful here. IT admins can connect to end-user machines and triage issues on the fly 24x7.


Look for these simple, yet powerful, functionality in your remote control tool and ensure you are able to fulfil your IT support objectives with simplicity, speed, and higher operational efficiency. Remote IT support can also be fun!