If you're already a SolarWinds user, you're pretty well aware that we at SolarWinds are keenly interested in making your IT job easier. If you're not currently a SolarWinds user, well, what are you waiting for? Get on our demo or download some sweet free tools and check us out! We really do want to make your IT life easier. As further proof, check out our IT Management Software Solution Finder, too.


See? Lots of good stuff for making your IT management life easier.


Even if you've got great tools, though, refusing to use them is the absolute quickest, most sure-fire way to achieve that easiest of all IT management jobs: Unemployed Former IT Manager.


We want to make life easier for you, just not that much easier.


So, in that spirit, I want to share with you an article I've recently come across listing some truly great examples of tool refusal. It's hilarious in the always funny "I-am-so-very-glad-that-did-not-happen-to-me" sense. Call it Profiles in Really Poor IT Management.


For those of you who actually need to be working right now, though, here's the quick-and-dirty, but not nearly as much fun, tl;dr, with some links to SolarWinds products that can help you make good on the suggestions:

  1. Maintain backups of all your data.
  2. Don't abuse your access privileges.
  3. Don't lie about your screw-ups; own them honestly.
  4. NSFW is not merely a suggestion. (Network Performance Monitor and NetFlow Traffic Analyzer)
  5. Document. Document. Document. (IP Address Manager)
  6. Develop and test a disaster-recovery plan. (Failover Engine)
  7. Sometimes, in the end, getting fired is not such a bad deal after all...


And, since it's the end of the year, let me send you over to another source of IT schadenfreude. Remember, your life could always be worse; you could have been involved in one of these projects. this past year.


Enjoy the end of 2013! I'll see you again in 2014...