Growing up, I read the comic strip Dick Tracy every Sunday. My favorite part of was the two-way telephone/television (and later, computer) watch. I was trying to learn how to tell time and the idea of having a watch that could literally tell you the time was really appealing. Plus, you could make or get a phone call and see the face of the person on the other line. "Will this television watch thing ever happen?" I asked my father while pointing to the watch. "I want one." He looked to where I was pointing. "A television watch..." he pondered and shrugged. "Probably won't happen."


Let's move ahead to today. It's late 2013 and one of the hottest gifts for this holiday season is the smart watch. Which not only tells time. It also enables you to make and receive phone calls. Some of the phones even offer cameras, although no seems to have video yet for face-to-face calls. For the most part, smart watches look a lot like a lot of other watches, only with slightly bigger faces, and of course, electronic faces. Some of those faces, however, can be programmed to look just about any way you want - from traditional to futuristic.


This holiday season, there's a slew of smart watches to choose from. There are smart watches from high tech and watch manufacturers, like Samsung and Timex. The Samsung watch uses the Android operating system, syncs with your Android phone, and can make and answer phone calls. The Timex watch can track your workout and has a USB port for data transfer. Some smart watches come from companies you may not have heard of yet, like Pebble and I'm Watch. The Pebble can sync with an Android or Apple phone and the I'm Watch with an Android phone. Both can run a number of apps, especially Android watch apps. Apple may be making getting in on the smart watch bandwagon as well, says the blog in Apple iWatch release date, news and rumours.


Hmmm. I think I know what I'm getting for Dad this year!