There may be other items in the news competing your time, but we happen to think this one deserves special attention:


Firewall Security Manager version 6.6 (released November 12) includes a new feature: an Orion Module. The Orion Firewall Security Manager Module enables you to view all your firewall details from the Orion dashboard, alongside any other SolarWinds Orion products. This new FSM/Orion module provides visibility into your firewall inventory and security status, along with the ability to point and click for drill-down details. From the Orion FSM dashboard, you can:


Get a summary of all the devices that are in FSM, including the PCI summary and the Security Audit summary.

  • View Rule/Object Cleanup reports
  • Review configs and recent changes
  • View firewall details
    • NAT Rules
    • Security Rules
    • Network/Address Objects
    • Service/Application Objects


SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager v6.6 is available for download in your customer portal for those customers under current SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager maintenance.