We’ve spoken in the past on how system administrators have no fixed working hours. You are usually at the mercy of your employees continuously troubleshooting and fixing their issues. It does not matter whether you’re at lunch, out of the office, or even on vacation. You get those “desperate situation” calls to fix users’ issues immediately. Even if you have all the tools in the world to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure, sometimes you don’t have access to those tools when you need them the most. This is where a mobile solution can come to your rescue so you can resolve issues in your datacenter using your Android™ or Apple® devices.



A mobile IT management tool helps you troubleshoot and fix users’ issues, even when you’re away from your desk. If you have proactive alerts in place, you immediately get notified of pressing issues in your environment. You can then log on to your monitoring tool to assess the issue and determine if you can resolve it right away or refer it to another IT pro. A mobile IT admin tool eliminates the wait time necessary for you to get to your desk to look at issues. If you have a smart phone or a tablet, you can do the following anywhere on-the-go:

  • Look at real-time issues from your smartphone or other mobile device and drill-down to the issue—whether it’s a server, network, or an application issue.
  • Look at key indicators in your monitoring tool that shows you critical information such as active alerts, the top 10 databases with problems, applications running in different groups, and more.
  • Look at under-performing application components and drill-down further to see the type of alert, its current stage, and if it is affecting other applications.
  • Identify issues in your server and see if they are affecting other hardware components or application performance.


Your mobile IT admin tool should enable you to fix issues, not just show that an issue exists in your environment. On scanning a node, you can use a range of different APIs which lists all the troubleshooting features for specific applications that will help you resolve the issue.


Mobile IT Management Made Easy

Manage your datacenter from anywhere using SolarWinds® Mobile Admin™. Monitor and manage various Microsoft applications like Active Directory®, System Center Operations Manager, ActiveSync, and Exchange. You can also manage virtual environments like VMware® and Hyper-V®; open source applications like Nagios®, and many more—all using your mobile device.


TechRepublic recently published an article about how easy it is for IT admins to use Mobile Admin to remotely monitor and troubleshoot issues in your datacenter. Read the article to find out what Mobile Admin is, how you can use it to monitor and manage user issues, see what range of applications it supports, and obtain licensing information. Try Mobile Admin free for two weeks!