Leverage the integrated power of SolarWinds IP Address manager (IPAM) User Device Tracker (UDT). With this dynamic duo, you can track down a device and user instantly. Simply use the integrated view to see IP address information along with the corresponding switch port details and user information—all within the same window. You also can get both current and past connection details. You can even shutdown the compromised port directly through the SolarWinds Web UI with the click-of-a-button.

UDT Integration Tips in IPAM

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) and IP Address Manager's (IPAM) utilize the same Orion platform, seamlessly extending their capabilities by adding the following into the same view:

  • End point details
  • Network connections history
  • Current network connections
  • Current users logged into the device
  • Port and User information on the same page as IP address Host or DNS assignment history

Automatic Integration

You do not need to take any integration steps. IPAM will automatically detect if UDT is installed and add the UDT Users and UDT Switch Port  columns to yourIP Address View providing end-to-end IP Address to user/device mapping.

How This Helps You Troubleshoot

The built-in integration provides a view of end-to-end mapping of an IP Address to any connected user/device, along with device port and connection details in the same window.

  • Find out which user or device is accessing a particular IP Address
  • Drill down to get network connection history for an IP Address
  • See port and user information related to an IP Address host or DNS assignment
  • View port usage and capacity on every switch
  • Detect endpoint devices having IP conflicts
  • Directly shutdown a port through the web interface

IP Address Conflict Resolution

IPAM can detect IP Address conflicts (both IP static and DHCP environments) and help you to troubleshoot the problem by simply drilling down to the actual switch port and shutting it down.Once you see an IP Address conflict event/alert, simply click on the IP or MAC address info in the alert message and it will take you to the IP Address Detailsview, where you can see the MAC address assignment history.If you determine you need to resolve the conflict on the spot, you can administratively shutdown the port using UDT.

How to Shut Down a Port:

  1. IP Address conflict is triggered and an Event is displayed giving you the Mac Address in conflict.
  2. IPAM displays the IP Address history assignment along with the MAC address of the IP Address in conflict.
  3. Click on the node port in the Current  Network  Connections resource on Endpoint Details.
  4. Click the Shutdown button in the Port Details resource.

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