Alright, here it is – Firewall Security Manager (FSM) 6.6 is now available!


For those of you who were waiting for a reliable solution that would ensure the integrity of your firewall rules and manage the complex configuration in a multi-vendor firewall environment—it’s yours for the taking! If you are an existing customer for FSM under active maintenance, you can enjoy the new features of FSM 6.6 without any additional cost.


What’s new with FSM 6.6?

With the previous version (FSM 6.5), we made some notable improvements:

  • Added Juniper SRX support
  • Increased support for managing, tracking, searching, and documenting business justification rules in IOS
  • Extended rule/object change analytics—including IOS and enhanced change modeling capabilities for predicting the impact of rule/object changes on security and traffic flow including IOS


With FSM 6.6, firewall security management gets even easier! This new version offers an Orion® integration module that lets you view all of your firewall details from the easy-to-use, easy-to-view Orion Web-based console!

For example, if you are an existing user of other SolarWinds® products like Network Performance Manager (NPM) or Server & Application Monitor (SAM), you can leverage the integrated FSM/Orion module to view firewall inventory and details in the same Web-based console.




Dashboard for Quick Insight on Security

The all new customizable and intuitive dashboard gives you fast and easy insight into your security posture and risk status, so you can quickly spot vulnerabilities and policy violations.

The firewall dashboard includes:

  • PCI and Security rating overviews
  • Rule object cleanup reports
  • Most recent configuration changes and many more


   FSM dashboard.png


The FSM Web-based dashboard also allows you to drill down and learn the root cause of issues. For example, the above screen shows that the firewalls were checked for PCI Compliance, they passed 28 rule checks and failed on 37. It’s now much easier to drill down on the failed checks and download the reports directly.



Similarly, you can drill down on the security audit summary to download reports on the security issues with respect to each of the firewalls.


Easily Search for Rules, Objects, and Configurations

You can also leverage the new Web-based dashboard to easily search for security rules, NAT rules, and network objects by using the various filter options like source, policy name, actions, and so on.




Similarly, if you have to edit a part of your raw configuration or if you would like to have a quick check to find out the exact configuration line number, you do not have to go through the entire code. Instead, you can just search using keywords in the configuration or routing script.



The new FSM 6.6 dashboard also offers improved readability and maintainability of firewall and Layer 3 network security device configurations.



The SolarWinds Difference

As you know, SolarWinds does something that most in our industry don’t – WE LISTEN! We are open to your ideas and encourage you to share with us on the thwack community forum. Your input is invaluable as we continue to build upon FSM’s powerful firewall management capabilities.


Share your thoughts!


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