Unidentified devices on your network could be any device that intentionally or unintentionally attempts to breach sensitive company information or resources.


The biggest risk posed by unidentified devices is that by the time they are detected and a breach has been discovered, it is possible that attackers have already gained access to the network.

Theft of corporate data can lead to huge financial losses. In the face of such events, network administrators are under pressure to quickly locate and curb rogue activity. The primary difficulty lies in manually locating a device in a network of tens or hundreds of multi-vendor devices. This is extremely time consuming and often when the offending device is located, the damage has already been done and the perpetrator has absconded.

When your network is under rogue attack, it’s all about finding the offending system quickly and terminating network access. To survive such attacks, organizations are performing threat analysis and forensics to study the source and path of rogue activity in the network.For this, you need to start creating a baseline and then monitor how the network is behaving to identify anomalies. To do this successfully, requires that you have a solution in place that is capable of monitoring and correlating log event data throughout your environment, and very importantly, reacting in real-time.  This is where Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions come into play. SIEM solutions centrally collect and correlate logs from network and security devices, application servers, databases, etc. to provide actionable intelligence and holistic view of your IT infrastructure’s security. It can also help you understand what happened before, during, and after an event to isolate fault and determine root cause.

5 Tips to Help Detect & Prevent Unknown Rogue Devices in Your Network

#1 Create an approved list of devices to isolate unknown devices and restrict network access


#2 Quickly and easily track endpoints by searching IP address, MAC address, Hostname, etc.


#3 Keep watch on suspicious devices in the network


#4 Immediately terminate network access on detection of unwarranted activity


#5 Perform analyses into IP usage history of devices in the network

For more detailed information on preventing rogue devices in your network, download the Detecting and Preventing Rogue Devices whitepaper.


Learn how automated user and device tracking along with port tracker helps you stay in control of who and what are connecting to your network.