I normally don't endorse products (I don't get paid to either way), but Google Chromecast is something I highly recommend. I bought it the moment I discovered it, and so did Pop. It can be set up in ten minutes (2 hours if you're my Pop).


What is it?

Good question! It is a WIFI dongle that connects to your TV so you can broadcast videos and web material directly to a TV from your computer, tablet, or phone, with the touch of a button. Imagine you're just watching a video of GTA5 on your phone and BOOM, now it's on your TV. It's just that easy.


What does this mean?

For me it meant I could watch my NY Jets lose on the big screen, rather than from a much smaller laptop screen. I can also view any website or video within Google Chrome on my TV! Just think about all those websites aching to be thrown onto the big screen. Xanadu! If you're a SysAdmin, you can instantly take your SAM, single-pane-of-glass-view, from your tablet and toss it on the big screen at work for all to enjoy. Possibilities abound! And for 35 bucks, how could you go wrong?