“Over 52% of IT infrastructure pros other than networking cited IP address provisioning as being a task that took the most time to accomplish.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Enterprise Management Associates©(EMA)

Too often, IPAM solutions have been considered to be optional and not business critical. Most companies continue to try and make do with spread sheets. However, this view is now shifting from manual towards automated IP management, leading to the need for dynamic and centralized solutions.

Why do organizations look at IPAM solutions?

With the rapid growth in the number of IP based devices in the network, the manual approach of managing IP addresses proves to be insufficient and unavoidably leads to reduced operational productivity. IP address management through spread sheets is slow, inefficient and largely error-prone. Administrators often end up with a fragmented database full of orphaned IP addresses and incomplete information.

Some of the evident reasons to invest in an IPAM solution for automated IP management are,


ROI for IPAM Solutions?

View this Slideshare to understand in detail the advantages and ROI realization for IPAM based on 3 case studies where organizations benefited from migrating to an automated IPAM solution.


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