Network access security is a must for all network admins and we always spend a lot of time granting and managing device access permissions on the network. Network access security necessitates that you need to ensure only authorized people can connect to your network ports to avoid network break-in from rogue devices. Operationally this is a tedious task:


  • You need to know what new devices are being added to the network each day
  • Who and what device is connected to which port
  • Decide what all devices are authorized for network access
  • Devise a strategy to ensure unauthorized devices are not gaining network access


Here are 3 simple steps that you can execute using SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) to help you maintain proper access security control for your network.


Step 1: Create Device Whitelist

From the UDT Web console, specify what devices are allowed to access the network and create a whitelist. You can add devices by

  • Individual IP, MAC address or hostname
  • IP address ranges
  • MAC address ranges
  • Subnets
  • Custom patterns

UDT 1.png


Devices added to this list are categorized as ‘Included’ which means whitelisted. Those devices that are not there in the whitelist are marked as ‘Rogue’ and an immediate alert will be triggered to notify you of the device connection and related port activity. There’s also another ‘Ignored’ category where you can add the devices which are discovered, and you don’t want UDT to add to a whitelist or alert as rogue.

UDT 2.png


Step 2: Set Up Device Watch List

To watch for a specific user or device on the network, you can simply specify a MAC address, IP, hostname or username, and SolarWinds UDT will trigger alerts when the user or device being watched connects to the network.

UDT 3.png


Step 3: Shutdown Port

If you suspect a malicious user or believe a port has been compromised, you can simply shut down the port directly from the UDT console with the click-of-a-button.



UDT also allows you to view device port details, user logins, and connection history to easily investigate and troubleshoot a network problem.


These steps will help you ensure robust network access security and give you control to shut down an unsafe port and terminate malicious connections and activity that could potentially harm your network. Try SolarWinds UDT today!