We all know how critical it is, from the business and application service perspective, to monitor the virtualization environment. This is certainly a full-time job that requires constant monitoring to keep check on the performance of the virtual infrastructure. With far-reaching benefits of virtualization, we now have the choice of employing virtualization monitoring and management tools of our choice to keep the VM infrastructure under check. One single pane of glass on the monitoring solution will get you all the statistics and metrics to monitor your virtual infrastructure. This is all good to be true during work hours and when in office. But, what about the time when a virtualization admin plans to get some time out – a vacation, holiday, or just some time off from work? One may be on a holiday, but trouble at the virtual environment just keeps happening 24x7, and necessitates administrative tasks to be carried out. In such a situation, vocation does not compromise with vacation. If there is a situation critical and needing attention, and nobody’s around to do the job, how do we ensure it’s taken care of while being away from the work desk?




BYOD for Mobile IT Management

In a survey of 400 IT pros jointly conducted by Network World and SolarWinds®, it has been studied that the BYOD trend is catching up real fast in enterprises of all sizes. A startling 85% of companies that the respondents represented issued mobile devices and smartphones with network access to improve employee productivity. The impact of BYOD on employee productivity was charted (shown below) based on the survey findings.





Benefits of Mobile IT Management

By leveraging the BYOD trend and mobilizing your applications, you can be connected to them whenever needed and benefit from:

  • Faster response times to solve issues
  • Flexibility to work remotely
  • Simpler and easier after-hour support
  • Personalized work interface for users
  • Increased productivity for IT pros
  • Improved employee morale and job satisfaction


SolarWinds Mobile Admin™ for Mobile VM Administration & Management

Using a mobile IT management tool such as SolarWinds Mobile Admin, you can ensure you are remotely connected to your application in a way that is both secure in connectivity and scalable over various IT management applications. Within the simple-to-use Mobile Admin interface on your smartphone or mobile device (Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad), you can extend remote administration for your VMware® and Hyper-V® environment on the go.


For VMware Environment

For Hyper-V Environment

Virtual Machine Management:

  • Find VMs
  • View VM properties
  • Edit VM settings
  • View host summaries
  • Manage hosts
  • View hosts, clusters, and VIServer


ESX® Servers:

  • Maintenance mode
  • Restart the ESX server
  • Shut down the ESX Server


System Monitoring:

  • View events and event details
  • View triggered alarm and triggered alarm details

Hyper-V Management:

  • List VMs
  • Show/Configure VM settings (CPU, RAM)
  • Show thumbnail of VM screen
  • Restore, create, and delete snapshots
  • Manage VM OS directly from Mobile Admin


For advanced virtualization management functionality from the convenience of your workstations and servers, check out SolarWinds Virtualization Manager.