Lack of proper configuration management capabilities lead to many problems that result in serious network downtime and costs to your business. Some commonly faced problems:


#1 What happens if a configuration change results in downtime and the network engineer who made the configuration change is not around. For example, the impact of a change made at the end of the day may not be noticed till the engineer arrives the next morning. It’s now too late when network functioning and users are already affected. In a worst case scenario the administrator ends up coming to work to fix things in the middle of the night!


#2 A change in device configuration is implemented, but without the required verification or approval. The unauthorized change results in the network going down, business is impacted and the approvers are left accountable. No accountability or audit trail of who made the change or when. The wrong people have to bear the burden of the situation.


#3 Even if you manage to zero-in on the impacted devices, take into consideration the manual effort involved and time taken to determine the damage,and then starts the process of fixing the issue. Furthermore, if the change involves multiple devices, the effort multiplies. The administrator must invest huge amounts of valuable time to implement the solution or workaround to get things back and working.


#4 The management has absolutely no visibility into configuration changes made in the network. Device configuration is a function that holds so much of important data vital to the operation of other functions in the network. A minor human error in configuration can lead to large business losses.



So, why Is Configuration Management Important?


Configuration Management brings about,


  • Implementation of change process approval Reduced downtime through change alert notification
  • Improved productivity and reduction in errors while executing configuration changes
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external standards for device configuration, software versions, and hardware
  • Executing configuration changes in bulk and rollback in case of errors
  • Improved visibility and accountability at all levels


With device configuration management playing a vital role in the successful functioning of your network and business, the right move at such a point would be to invest in a good network configuration and change management solution. Check out SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) to meet your configuration management needs.

Easily manage bulk configuration changes, configuration change requests and approval, user roles, permissions and activity tracking, remote firmware and IOS transfers with multivendor device support and more. Download a trial version today!