Network availability is always crucial for continuity of business operations. With more than 80% of network outages caused due to configuration errors, network engineers are often faced with the challenge to configure network devices and ensure the network is secure and operational at all times. Below are some of the key challenges that network administrators face when manually configuring devices.


  • Configuration changes can be time-consuming, error prone and could possibly result in hours of downtime for the company
  • As more and more devices are added to the network, it is difficult to track configuration changes, and especially in the event of any network outages troubleshooting becomes a daunting task
  • Even the smallest of configuration errors could pose a big threat to companies as it exposes the network to hackers and malicious attacks


As a result, more network administrators are turning towards automated network device configuration management tools to better manage their configuration changes. Here are some key benefits that automated configuration management solutions offer:


#1 Minimized Downtime

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Administrators can continuously track configuration changes and immediately identify the erroneous configuration changes that caused the outages. By applying the previous known configurations, devices can be up and running within no time thereby reducing downtime for the company.


#2 Reduced Human Errors

With the ability to automate backups, network admins need not worry whether each device is being backed up or not. Automation of bulk changes reduces human errors, saves time with just a few clicks and without the need to remember scripts each time while making a change.  


#3 High Operational Efficiency

The time to complete tasks such as patches or backups which requires multiple changes could be significantly reduced. Network admins can continuously monitor changes to devices and receive real-time change notifications increasing the efficiency of network operations and troubleshooting.


#4 Enhanced Security

Network admins need to be fully informed of the attempts made by unauthorized sources gaining access to the network. With the ability to monitor and track real time changes to devices, it is easy to trace the actions of end users ensuring accountability in case of any security breaches.



While manual configuration of devices could leave the network team wondering which error caused the downtime, automated network configuration management solutions enable administrators to take complete control of managing configuration changes, ensuring security and improving efficiency.


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