Before we start to understand how this works, you need to know that SolarWinds Alert Central is a FREE SOFTWARE - totally, completely, free for life! 


Once you have installed Alert Central and linked it with your Orion (NPM, SAM, IPAM, NCM or other Orion-based products from SolarWinds), all your Orion alerts will be sent to Alert Central and any updates made to the alert in Alert Central will also be updated on Orion. It’s just a simple 3-step process to establish this integration:


#1 Configure Alert Central’s Email Settings

  • You need a new email account for managing alerts with Alert Central
  • Alert Central can receive email from POP or IMAP, with or without SSL, or with a direct connection to Microsoft® Exchange Web Services
  • Alert Central uses standard SMTP with or without SSL and authentication to send outbound email


#2 Configure Orion to Generate Alerts for Different Alert Conditions

  • Use Orion Basic Alert Manager of Advanced Alert Manager to define alert conditions and determine when they are going to be triggered
  • By default, Orion is set up to send alerts to Alert Manager if you are running Orion system with Core v 2012.2.0, or if you are using versions NPM 10.4 / SAM 5.5 or above.


#3 Configure Routing Rules in Alert Central

  • Add your Orion source credentials to Alert Central
  • Configure the routing rules for Alert Central to route alerts to recipients based on custom conditions.
  • The most common scenarios for configuring alerts are:
    • Routing all alerts to a single group
    • Routing alerts from different locations or network segments to different groups
    • Routing alerts with different keywords to different groups




  • You can also add different Orion properties in Alert Central to route specific alerts and test them on the Alert Central console to ensure they work well
  • Best Practice: Set up a default alert group to receive all alerts which do not meet any of your custom routing conditions


Once you have configured your alert routing conditions you can set up escalation policies and on-call calendaring for each group to ensure alerts go to the right user.


Watch this short video to learn how to configure Orion alerts with Alert Central.



About SolarWinds Alert Central

SolarWinds Alert Central is centralized IT alert management software that provides amazingly streamlined alert management for your entire IT organization. It consolidates and manages IT alerts, alert escalation, and on-call scheduling to help ensure all your alerts get to the right people, in the right

groups, at the right time. And Alert Central integrates with just about every IT product that sends alerts, using a simple set up wizard to walk you through the process.


  • Centralize alerts from all your IT systems
  • Automatically route alerts to the right group
  • Filter alerts from noisy monitoring systems
  • Automatically escalate unanswered alerts
  • Easily create and use on-call calendars


And the best part is that SolarWinds Alert Central is completely FREE! Download Alert Central - for VMWare or Hyper-V


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