In conjunction with SANS, SolarWinds recently conducted a security survey amongst 647 respondents who are security and network administration professionals from various public and private organizations including federal government agencies, banking, financial, and healthcare institutions across the US and Canada. The results of this survey gave us a deep understanding of the pressing security needs in enterprises, the challenges faced to deal with breaches and attacks, and preparedness of the IT infrastructure teams to contain and respond to security threats.


Threat Detection

As security professionals, we know it’s paramount to have a mechanism in place to detect threats as early as possible to be able to contain them, or respond to them with corrective or preventive action. This is where organizations are facing the challenge and they are not able to detect threats in time which also increases the time span for the attack to wreak maximum damage.


Difficult Threats to Detect

In the past couple of years,

Image 1.png


This is an alarming figure as it shows there were so many threats that couldn’t be detected soon. Imagine the impact of the attacks until they were discovered. Until the threat is detected and action is taken there can be so much of data loss, system malfunction, failure and even compromise.


Impact on Systems

Image 2.png


Threat Response & Remediation

The challenge doesn't stop with just detecting the threat. From this survey we found that organizations are also finding it hard to respond to attacks after discovering them.

Image 3.png


We didn't just stop with detecting and responding to threats. We wanted to find out what was stopping organizations from getting this visibility.


Top 3 Impediments for Organizations to Discover & Follow Up on Attacks


Top 3 Impediments.png


As we can see from all these statistics, there is a clear lack of preparedness in the IT teams to defend their data and systems from breaches and attacks. Log management is an efficient way to identify abnormal behavior patterns on the network and spot threats. A security information & event management (SIEM) software will help you collect, correlate log data in real time to isolate zero-day threat vectors and allow you to remediate the threat with automated response. Threat detection, response and remediation simplified!


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