Finally, SAM 6.0 has been realized and released! The improvements and additions are spectacular. Unlike Microsoft and their Windows 8 debacle, we listen to the people who use our software. This is the very reason we have All of the new features in this release came from the users in one form or another, including a lesser known one highlighting the differences between each version of the Administrator's Guide. A sole voice emailed me requesting this little improvement and explained to me why it was important to him. My thought process was simple, "Done." Now every SAM user can benefit from this simple little improvement requested by one user. And here it is:


Granted, this won't garner the praise that actual features will, but it is indicative of something larger. We listen and we care. One voice was heard. Was it yours? In fact, I continue to ask for more input from you. Take this article for example. In the article I asked users to demonstrate how they do things. This wasn't for my amusement. I wanted the responses I got to become a collection of "How To" topics so I could add them to a new section of the Administrator's Guide, or even better, create a separate book on the subject. This How To book would demonstrate examples, rather than me telling you how to do something. Here you would be able to "see" something that works, rather than be told. The difference is important because seeing a working version of something allows you to take away what you need from it. Being told how to do something is certainly more restrictive.


And while I'm here, let me ask you for How To videos! Yup, I want to start adding videos to the Help system so you can see how things are done. I think a How To section and a How To video section would help users immensely. What do you think? Share your videos and How To operations in the comment section below, or feel free to DM me and we can talk about more ambitious ideas you may have offline.


BTW, enjoy SAM 6.0MG.