If you own more than one Orion platform product, chances are, there are benefits to be had via their inherent integrations that you aren't leveraging. What you say? I can get more out of what I have right now? It's true! Because so many SolarWinds products have built-in integration points. there's a lot of power there that is yours for the taking. So if you ever find yourself asking:


  • What products integrate with the product that I own?
  • What products does SolarWinds have, in general?
  • What would these integration points do for me?
  • How do I set it up?


Well, we're going to tell you. In the "Admin" section of your Orion products, you'll see a new resource.



Click on the "Integration Overview" to see a large diagram of our products and how they fit together. It's a large diagram, so you'll only see part of it here.



Click on any link (any product) to read about commonly integrated products and to get step by step, illustrated guides about implementing those integrations.


Let us know what you think of this new feature at productintegration@solarwinds.com.