According to this article, SMB hiring of IT staff is at a stand-still with only 26% planning to add head count. This can only mean that SMBs expect more out of their current IT staff. On the other hand, SMB IT budget has increased by 7% to 162K. As a result, you won’t get to pawn off your unwanted projects on the newbie. But, you may have some extra cash in the budget to buy software to take some of the work off your hands.


5 Easy Tips to Do More with Less


  1. Spend Less Time on the Phone: Get the most out of a server monitoring tool that will make you look like a rockstar so you’re not stuck on the phone troubleshooting all day.
  2. Don’t Buy Hardware Until It’s Time: Manage your virtual environment in an organized manner. That way you can ensure there is less or no clutter.
  3. Consolidate Your Inventory: Streamline your inventory so your workload of consolidating hardware, OS, and apps become easier.
  4. Automate Patching of 3rd Party Apps: Think about ways of automating patch management. That way your productivity goes through the roof and you end up saving hours of manual work.
  5. Automate Mundane Active Directory® Tasks: You can leverage free tools that will automate Active Directory tasks which are otherwise boring, tedious, and time consuming.


Checkout this short presentation that teaches you five simple ways for adding extra hands without hiring an extra body.