If you're like this guy and you fear that sensitive data is walking out of your network on USB thumb drives,


you will be happy to know that SolarWinds' software portfolio includes an alternative to thumb drives.


Lock Down Those USBs

SolarWinds provides a technology called "USB Defender" within its Log and Event Manager software. USB Defender protects sensitive data using real-time notification and other security features when USB devices are detected, including

  • Automatically disabling user accounts
  • Imposing quarantines on work stations
  • Automatically or manually ejecting USB devices

The USB defender also audits and reports on USB usage over time.


An Alternative to Thumb Drives

Regardless of whether your organziation allows USB drives, people might still have business protocols that require them to exchange large files. One alternative to using USB thumb drives is to provide employees with universal access to their home folders and/or selected folders on existing file shares. By giving them secure access to the same files they use both inside and outside the office, you reduce the incentive to make copies on removable media or use 3rd-party web sites.


A second alternative is to provide employees with secure "ad hoc" file sharing. This allows your end users to safely send files and request files from their daily business contacts, again without using 3rd-party web sites.

Fortunately, SolarWinds offers both capabilities in the same product: Serv-U Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server.  When you deploy Serv-U in your data center, you can reuse the same security policy, procedures, people, and infrastructure that protects the rest of your data. This will enable you to finally retire those pesky USB thumb drives.


Do You Have Other Security Challenges?

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