What makes Server & Application Monitor (SAM) awesome is its ability to monitor out-of-the-box applications using templates. A template is a set of different component monitors that monitor the performance and current status of your applications. There are over 150 templates and SAM provides clearly defined settings on what is monitored by these templates with best-practice thresholds to monitor applications. You have the flexibility to choose a template with pre-set component monitors, as opposed to creating individual component monitors one-by-one. And you can customize existing templates that will suit your current infrastructure.


With SAM, you can set thresholds to component monitors. These thresholds are extremely helpful in indicating when the component or parameter is reaching a critical state. For example, if you’re monitoring the percentage of free space remaining on a volume, you can set a warning threshold at 15%, and a critical condition at 5%. If disk space reaches the threshold limit, you will receive an instant alert on the condition. You can also track what is a normal baseline for this metric and set a statistical threshold from the baseline–two standard deviations for warning and three standard deviations for critical alerts.


Compare this to other application monitoring software. The first thing you may notice is that most monitoring software uses “monitoring agents.” The problem with these agents is you can’t pull all the data you want to monitor in an application. For example, if you want to monitor a specific component in your SQL server, the agent will not allow this because of its limitations with customization.

This is where you may find SAM to be far superior to the rest of pack. The template approach really gives you the freedom to monitor any application in your environment. Here are a few reasons why templates are the real deal:

  • Flexibility: Monitor out-of-the-box applications.
  • Customization: Customize, edit, and modify existing templates.
  • Scalability: There is no limit to the number of components you can add to a template for monitoring applications.
  • Simpler licensing model: Pay for only the number of component monitors you need and not for each component monitor.
  • Templates on thwack: Get access to hundreds of out-of-the-box thwack templates that are created and shared by SolarWinds® customers and partners.

Check out this short video and learn how to easily add a node and assign custom application templates using SAM.