While reading a recent blog post on SlashDot, my mind was opened by some touching SysAdmin poetry.  While not a lethal as Vogon verse, I promise it will alter your mood.



FTFY by Neo-Rio-101


I don't want my data in the cloud

I don't want my data in a crowd

I don't want my data on the net

I don't want my data on diskette

I don't want my data over there

I don't want my data everywhere

I know the spooks don't give a damn

I do not trust you Uncle Sam!







Farts In Their General Direction by MrMeval

I do not play with the cloud clowns.
I own my own hardware and software.
I do not walk in the valley of DRM.
I do not beg to receive the fruits of my labors from datachangers.
I shall not want.


(untitled) by TheGratefulNet


Do you like data in the cloud?

I do not want it in the cloud,

I would not like it since I'm proud.

Would you like it here or there?

I would not want it anywhere.

I do not like the loss of data,

Yes, you can call me a cloud-hater.




Enough with the Cloud Crap Already by (unknown)


I don't trust you with my data.
I don't trust your security.
I don't trust your longevity.
I don't trust that you at some point in the future won't hold my data hostage.
I don't trust you to keep my data away from big brother.

I also don't trust my ISP!

FINALLY, I don't want to wait all day for a file to load.


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Have you been inspired too?


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