Well, it’s true! Normally tough network admin Vernon, here, is one such soul who had to check himself into IT Group Therapy. Unruly users taking advantage and indulging in malicious network activity was too much for him to handle. They sent the poor chap right off his rocker!

• Endless Nagging - For more network bandwidth and speed
• Uncontrollable Acts – Plugging in their personal devices anywhere, anytime
• Wild Behavior - Setting up their own wireless network without consent
• Roguish Conduct - Streaming videos and downloading files


Struggling to track and stop these impish culprits, Vernon has been having a hard time dealing with security loopholes and access leaks in the network.

Click on video below, to hear Vernon’s side of the story,


Can Vernon save his sanity and show them “Who is Boss?”


The answer is yes, and you don’t have to drive yourself nuts dealing with these network wrongdoers. Take charge and show them who’s tough. Support yourself with the necessary measures and means to know who is connected.


Tips to Monitor, Track and Control Devices on your Network:

Create means to know who and what connects to your network - Retrieve and maintain up-to-the-minute information of all devices entering and leaving the network.
Keep a watch on suspicious devices in the network - Tag a suspicious device or user and be alerted every time this device connects to the network.
Build alerting methods and quickly pull out information to locate a device - Create whitelists and be alerted on unauthorized device entry.Track down a device right to its switch port.
Restrict and monitor Wi-Fi access - Create wireless device whitelists and keep an eye on unauthorized endpoint entry.
Maintain data to track device usage history - Investigate a suspicious device of its previous connections, and determine if it’s rogue.
Set-up mechanisms to immediately detect and remediate rogue activity - Identify the switch port to which the rogue device is connected and remotely shutdown the port to immediately stop activity.


So, no more fear or worry. Take control of the devices in your network!

Tune in to hear from other network admins of their experiences at - SolarWinds Security Week (Aug 19-23, 2013)


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