You don’t need to believe in Murphy’s Laws to realize that one or all of the following will happen, just at the right time:


  1. Server failure
  2. Application failure
  3. SQL crashes


Now, multiply each of the above points with the number of servers, applications, and SQL databases you might have in your IT environment. Nightmarish, right? Well, as much as you’d hate to accept, these failures are bound to happen—however careful/watchful you may be.


Of course, your IT environment would have a help desk solution that caters to the IT support personnel in accepting and resolving incoming issues. If there’s a server failure, the system administrator can notice the glitch and start fixing it based on the severity and application dependencies. In the meantime, those users/groups affected by this issue will create help desk tickets. The fact is, the help desk professional might not even know that there’s a server issue and that a system administrator is working on resolving it. Did you notice the disconnect between the server failure and the help desk?


Imagine this. A server monitoring system detects a failing server, and…




…all of the above happening in real-time! Incredible, isn’t it?




SolarWinds® Web Help Desk™ with its powerful asset discovery & management, does exactly this when natively integrated with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM). Once you establish a connection to the server node that’s being monitored by SAM, you can define simple rules to filter alerts based on parameters such as severity, alert field messages, etc.


Once integrated, communications between Web Help Desk and SAM are bi-directional. This means that whenever an incoming alert-to-ticket, taken up by a help desk technician is assigned/updated—the same is visible from within the SAM console. This ensures that there’s a closed-loop between these two otherwise disparate systems, which makes the life of the help desk professional a lot easier!


Web Help Desk not only integrates with SAM, but also with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), making it a simple, yet powerful help desk software.


What are you waiting for? Take a test drive today!