The first and foremost reason "WHY" any organization and its IT security teams will want to monitor workstation logs is because they want to Protect Confidential Data & Prevent Data Loss!


Workstations are vulnerable to many security threats and there are many compliance mandates that demand monitoring workstation activity for policy violations. Some potentially risky security events on your enterprise workstations include:

  • Unauthorized users logging onto workstations
  • Multiple failed logon attempts
  • Use of unauthorized USB drives
  • Launch of prohibited applications (IMs, games, etc.)
  • Changes to local accounts and groups
  • System changes such as installation of unexpected software, and changes to local policies, etc.


You wonder "HOW" to monitor workstation logs, and we give you SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Workstation Edition.


Workstation Edition is the way to extend you existing Log & Event Manager (LEM) installation to make workstation log management more affordable than ever. LEM Workstation Edition provides all the functionality of LEM to help you cost-effectively collect, correlate, analyze and store logs from a greater number of workstations.


View this SlideShare to know more about LEM Workstation Edition and how LEM users can benefit from simplified log management and enhanced workstation security!