We all know that patch management is a vital part of an organization's security management process, not just to stay abreast of bug fixes and new features but also to bring down the vulnerabilities. All said and done, there are two areas that remain a challenge:

  • The potential difficulty and complexity of getting updates regularly arises when it comes to 3rd party products.
  • Distributing and deploying patches across multiple machines on your network when they are shut down.


SolarWinds Patch Manager extends your existing WSUS or SCCM environment to help you efficiently deploy and automate 3rd-party patches.



Why offline patching is critical?

Typically, end-users tend to postpone the patch updates so that it doesn’t disturb their busy schedule but that in turn results in the patch update left unapplied. There can be situations where some of your enterprise workstations are shut down and virtual machines are powered off and they are left unpatched. In such situations, offline patching comes in handy.

SolarWinds Patch Manager makes your offline patching easy!!

When the systems are shut down, it becomes a very time consuming task to physically turn on offline systems or dormant virtual machines.  Also if your organization uses WSUS™, end users with administrative privileges can cancel the update. SolarWinds Patch Manager uses Wake-On LAN (WOL) to make your life easy when it comes to patching, as it allows you to reboot the systems for applying the patch.

Here’s how Patch Manager make offline patching easy:

  • It allows you to remotely power on WOL-enabled systems using a UDP broadcast on the local subnet.
  • Patch Manager provides WOL functionality in conjunction with other scheduled tasks to patch computers and virtual machines that are not powered on and turn them on, once the update is applied.


4 Simple steps to make WOL work for you:


  #1 After having run the Patch Manager discovery task to populate the target systems’ MAC Addresses into Patch Manager console, you can open the Wake-On LAN console by simply selecting the “Wake-on LAN” Configuration Management task from the Actions menu on the right side of the console.





#2 Enter the Broadcast Address for the subnet containing the managed computers you wish to wake up. You will also need to enter the ‘UDP port’ for the WOL request and the ‘Secure on Password’ (if you have configured your managed systems to require one).

#3 Once you do that and click on ‘OK’. Task Options Wizard’ is launched which will first prompt you to select the managed systems that you want to wake up.


#4 Clicking ‘Next’ will launch the scheduling dialog where you can specify – how long this task would run. Additionally you can also set up a recurring WOL task.


No productivity loss, hassle free patching!!



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