Loopholes in the configuration of network devices like firewalls and routers pave the way for attackers to gain access into your network. Once in, they can easily lay hands on confidential data, alter important information, or even gain control over a machine and pose as a trusted system on the network. How can you protect your network from being exposed?

One way to avoid such gaps and keep attackers out is to follow and maintain a controlled configuration and change process environment.

A Typical Problem Scenario

In a network comprising of 200-300 devices, the network admin has to invest a tremendous amount of time and effort to maintain end-to-end device configurations and changes. For example, to perform a configuration cleanup task for all firewalls in the network, the administrator has to:

  1. Take an inventory of all devices in the network
  2. Decide which devices need a change and those that will be impacted
  3. Manually obtain the configuration of each device individually
  4. Analyze each configuration and try to make sense of all the ACL’s
  5. Make the changes and pray that nothing breaks!

A particular network may have thousands of configurations, and to perform the above mentioned tasks for all devices in the network can take forever. There also exists the possibility (and high likelihood) of human errors. In a network with changes occurring continuously, administrators can end up spending their entire day dealing with configuration and maintenance tasks.

If all these tasks can be automated, why not do so and utilize valuable time and resources for other pressing needs?

The Solution

SolarWinds Network Guardian Bundle is a powerful combo of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) and Firewall Security Manager (FSM) is the way out of time-intensive, error-prone, headache-ridden, manual change processes that can leave dangerous security gaps in your network.

Network Guardian.PNG

With the SolarWinds Network Guardian Bundle, you get a solution that guards the integrity of your network configuration by automating the change management process, end-to-end. The result is streamlined administrative tasks, increased operational efficiency, and reduced risk of human error and unauthorized changes—saving you valuable time and effort, while helping ensure the security and compliance of your network.

A usable, affordable and simple solution for your configuration and change management needs. Download a 30-day trial version today!